Take Your Brand On The Road…
              …and get the attention you deserve.

In today’s crowded media world, take 100% control of your media and your message and guarantee that your current and potential customers won’t zap, skip, TIVO or delete your message with vehicle graphics. With our custom programs, you can now bring your brand to the masses, instead of trying to bring the masses to you. Fleet branding uses your vehicle assets to easily deliver your message to your target audience. 

As the nation’s premiere resource for designing, managing and tracking vehicle  messaging programs, we work directly with CEOs, CMOs, marketing managers, agency media departments and fleet managers. 

With a record of achievement in the telecommunications, beverage, big-box retailer, fleet, home improvement, and insurance industries, DI Graphics offers the proven service that enables any company to quickly and easily transform underutilized vehicles, that it already owns, into a strategically targeted, high-impact, media program.

With effective CPMs of $0.09 – $1.00, it is no wonder that more companies are accelerating their brands, and taking control of their media and their message with DI Graphics.

1.   CPMs can be 10-25x lower than television, print and radio
2.   98% of people believe fleet graphics create a positive image
for the company 1
3.   96% of North Americans travel in a vehicle each week 2
4.   Outdoor mobile media billboards have a 97% recall rate 3
5.   96% of people say mobile ads are more effective than traditional outdoor ads 4
6.   91% of people say they notice text and graphics on
truck advertising 5
7.   One truck message can generate as many as 10,000,000 impressions annually 6
8.   76% of people think the ad and vehicle are part of your actual fleet, increasing the value perception 7
9.   75% of people say truck advertisements affect their
buying habits 8
10.   Mobile billboard displays boost name recognition 15X greater than any other form of advertising 9
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“What we get for what we spend with DI makes it almost free outdoor advertising – ROI is huge. Suburban families with kids?  Big city professionals?  We pick the market, decide which celebrity will have the greatest appeal - from Carrie Underwood to Tom Brady – and put our creative team to work with DI. Whether you have a semi going down the highway or a delivery van backed up next to a story, its very impactful."

~ Glacéau Western Regional Sales Manager