Mobilize Your Brand….Anywhere...Easily.

Hitting a specific target with your branding efforts is the most cost-effective way to market your offerings to current and potential customers. Being able to accomplish a successful, targeted message on your vehicles, while maintaining seamless flexibility and control is what defines our value to you.

From Washington to Maine, from Florida to California, business moves at light speed – and it is critical that you move with it – or ahead of it. Whether you need to change messaging on the fly, dispatch vehicles to accommodate a last-minute sponsorship, schedule advanced installations based on your CEO’s travel plans, or accelerate development to target an under-serviced audience, DI Graphics has the infrastructure and processes in place to handle all of your needs.

With installation teams strategically located across the country, and daily vehicle tracking data collected and available to you in real time through our online Management Portal, we make communication faster and more transparent than ever before.

We also act as the bridge between your Branding, Marketing and Fleet departments by being in contact with each, and providing the individual information each needs to accelerate the brand launch, staying on budget and on time. Whether it is GPS vehicle positioning, messaging by zip code, targeted ROI data or milestone progress, we enable them to be in control from anywhere across the country with our online systems.

With a track record of being ahead of plan, our only goal is to enable you to do what you want, where you want – on time.

Advanced Marketing Technologies

DI Graphics will keep you totally up to date on any and all trends in our industry, as we track the trends in your industry. So you can you stay one step ahead of your competition, and do what’s best for the future of your brand.

Whether it is new digital substrates with revolving graphics templates, tracking systems that utilize RFID tags to alert vehicles to change messaging on the fly based on zip codes, or even new inks that resist wear and tear, we’ll be there to keep you current.


Environmental Advantages of Using Our Wraps

3MScotchcaland ControltacGraphic Films, Opaque ™ Controltac™ and 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive technologies to enable fast and easy bubble-free graphic installations. These films have excellent hiding power and outdoor durability, making them perfect for interior or exterior signs, fleet graphics, including surfaces with corrugations and rivets.

These vinyl, polyester, and/or polyolefin films are 2 to 4-mils thick. Films featuring 3M graphic films instead of paint can eliminate VOC emissions from the painting process. Many graphic films meet flammability performance requirements for building and transit applications.1

1 from 3M Products with Environmental Advantages Catalog